General Manager Message

Dear Business Partners and Employees,

Although Alma-Ata Teknik Tarım, which we established on 7 decares with my partner Ali Yaşar Çakılca in 2006, was an investment with a small production capacity under the conditions of the day, our company, which determines its priority as “creating a difference” and “innovation” instead of competing in agriculture, offers a constantly renewed product range. aims at high-quality standards.

We continued our production with the slogan of “Apple from sapling to harvest” by integrating all our productions by putting into operation in our rootstock production in 2008.

In 2010, we started to establish turnkey gardens by activating the Alma-Ata Teknik Tarım irrigation team.

In 2012, we strengthened our spirit of innovation by adding a new product to our product portfolio by operating on a 1000 decare land in Ulukışla Apple Production facility with the vision of “Loving our soil very much”.

We continue our production on an area of ​​1200 decares by putting the Altay Nursery and Apple Production Facility into operation in 2018.

We present every controlled, reliable, long-lasting, highly efficient and certified Alma-Ata product to the consumer first-hand. We are always with our customers with consultancy and after-sales information support.

In our sales; The amount of exported product constitutes 20-25% of the total product amount and with this data, it is the biggest exporter of our country in terms of seedling export of agriculture.

It has reached about 100 customers, mostly from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and the Turkish States. Our goal is to reach every point in the world.

By 2021, we produce more than 1000 decares of saplings, as well as M9, M26 (dwarf) MM106, MM111 (semi-dwarf) apple rootstocks. With 1200 decares of an apple orchard, 6000 tons of cold storage, over 40,000 decares of gardens we maintain, our employees and customers will continue to pursue success unceasingly in order to achieve our goals, for customer satisfaction and for the happiness of our employees, with the extraordinary efforts of our employees and customers.

Our most important values ​​are “sustainable agricultural products” and “innovation”. As Alma-Ata Teknik Tarım family, Alma-Ata Teknik Tarım is a big family with its employees by adopting honesty and quality as our principle. As Alma-Ata family, we succeed as a family to bring our products to the best position in the international market by making the best use of all the resources we can reach in our country, in an environment where it can contribute. Alma-Ata Teknik Tarım will continue to work with all its might to become an even bigger family with its farmers, employees and customers, and to be able to say “we” with our customers and employees.

Best regards,

Atilla Kaplan