• Tree: Upright and vigorous
  • Fruit: Round, oval
  • Flesh: Yellow
  • Shell Color: Light Orange
  • Fruit Taste: Less sweet
  • The state of the core’s adherence to the flesh: Bound
  • Ripening time: Very early


  • Tree: Wide and vigorous
  • Fruit: Round, oval
  • Fruit flesh: Yellow
  • Shell Color: Yellow
  • Fruit Taste: Sweet
  • The state of adherence to the flesh of the core: Free
  • Ripening time: Medium


Tree Characteristics: It is a dried apricot variety. The trees develop vertically and the branches are bent downwards. It is a productive variety.

Fruit Characteristics: Fruit is medium-sized, oval-shaped.

Fruit flesh: Yellow

Shell color: Yellow Makes red cheeks on sun-exposed parts.

Fruit Taste: Tasty, firm and less juicy. Çataloğlu variety is very similar to Hacıhaliloğlu variety. The most obvious difference is that Çataloğlu’s fruit is less hairy, therefore its fruit is brighter.

Harvest Time: It ripens in the 2nd week of July.


  • Tree Characteristics: Apricot, which is native to CENTRAL ASIA, Iran, Caucasus, West China, is an important fruit species that is grown economically both in our country and in the world, especially in Mediterranean countries.
  • Fruit Characteristics: It is an apricot variety with large fruits that are very good to eat, fleshy and can withstand long distances. Tree growth is rapid and it is possible to get 150-200 kg of fruit from an adult tree. It is ideal that the land to be planted is at a high altitude, the area to be planted should be warm.
  • Pollinators: Self-fertile variety. It does not need pollinator.