• Tree: Medium vigorous, productive
  • Fruit: Large, smooth surface
  • Flesh: Yellow, with red veins around the core, hard texture, juicy and split.
  • Harvest: August 10-25
  • Shell Color: Top color bright light red
  • Other Features: This variety, which is suitable for road and storage, is preferred by producers because it is resistant to some important fungal diseases.


  • Tree: It has a strong growth tendency and a crown structure that grows upright.
  • Fruit: Medium size, round, slightly flattened from the sides.
  • Fruit flesh: Yellow in color, hard flesh texture, shows semi-split feature
  • Harvest: 2nd week of July
  • Shell Color: Dark red on orange background
  • Other Features: Due to the quality of its fruit and its attractiveness, its cultivation has become widespread in recent years.


  • Tree Characteristics: It is a productive variety that has been bred in Italy, its trees are quite strong and tend to grow upright.
  • Fruit Characteristics: Its fruit is large, round, very sweet and juicy. The peel of the fruit is red on a yellow background, the core is not attached to the flesh. This should be taken into account in its cultivation as it is sensitive to extreme cold. It ripens 30 days after the Big Top variety.