• Tree: Vigorous, Semi-erect, Fruitful
  • Fruit: Round shaped large, sweet, very juicy
  • Flesh: Yellow, separate from core flesh
  • Harvest: 22 days after Red Haven
  • Shell Color: Plastered on Yellow Background dark red
  • Other Features: It is very high quality and highly attractive variety. It is among the recommended varieties.


  • Tree: Vigorous, Semi-erect, Fruitful
  • Fruit: Large Round Shaped Sweet and Very Juicy
  • Flesh: Yellow Colored, Separated from core flesh and fleshy
  • Harvest: Week of 4th September of August(125-135 Days)
  • Shell Color: Partially red on a yellow background
  • Other Features: It is a self-fertile pollinator and all other varieties can be used as pollinators.