• Tree: Vigorous, Widespread
  • Fruit: Medium-Large, Round, Neckless, Wide Underside
  • Flesh: Creamy, very juicy butter type, sweet, aromatic
  •  Harvest: 1-2 Weeks of Sowing (150-160 Days), Light Green, Yellowish Green-Fine at Eating Formation
  • Fruit Coat Color: Light Green, Yellowish Green-Thin at Eating Possibility
  • Pollinators: Akça, Abbe Fetel, Coscia


  • Tree: Medium vigorous, Upright
  • Fruit: Medium-large, large neck long, widens to the bottom
  • Flesh: White, medium juicy, slightly sweet
  • Harvest: 3-4th of August. week
  • Fruit Coat Color: Light yellow, sun-exposed part pink-red
  • Pollinators: Abbe Fetel, Williams, PasseCrassane

Other Features: Good quality.


  • Tree: Vigorous, semi-erect
  • Fruit: Small short, broad towards the bottom
  • Flesh: White, slightly sandy, moderately juicy, slightly sweet, medium-good quality
  • Harvest: 2-3 of July. week (75-85 days)
  • Fruit Coat Color : Green, greenish yellow in eating and thin
  • Pollinators: Mustafa bey Williams, passe crassane


  • Tree: It is one of our local varieties with medium vigor and semi-upright development, densely branched and thorny.
  • Fruit: Medium-sized, conical, fruit skin is yellow on green background. Fruit flesh is greenish-white, juicy, sweet, crunchy, fragrant and slightly sandy.
  •  Harvest : 1st week of September


  • Tree: Medium Vigor, Semi Spread
  • Fruit: Large-Very Large, Flat, Wide Underside, Deep Flower Pit
  • Flesh: White, Crispy, Juicy, Low sweet, Medium quality
  • Harvest: 2-3 of October. week
  • Fruit Coat Color: Rough, Ground Yellow Rust Free
  • Sometimes Sun Seeing Side Pink Red
  • Pollinators: Maple, Devoe, Passe, B. Precoce Morettini, Packham’s Triumph and June gold


  • Tree: Vigorous, Semi-erect
  • Fruit: Medium, long neck, wide middle, slightly pointed bottom
  • Fruit Coat Color: Yellowish green, sun-exposed parts red
  • Flesh: White, juicy, slightly sandy
  • Harvest: first week of June
  • Pollinators: Williams, Santa Maria


  • Tree: Weak-medium vigorous, upright
  • Fruit: Medium-large, conical, broad towards the bottom, long pear-shaped
  • Fruit Coat Color: Slightly rough, thick, rusty underside greenish-yellow at teme
  • Flesh: Creamy, buttery type with little sand, medium juicy, sweet and good quality
  • Harvest: 4th of September – 1st week of October


  • Tree: The trees are semi-erect and grow very quickly. It is a very productive variety and is very common in our country.
  • Fruit: Fruits are large, sometimes very large. The stem and flower part is narrow and the middle part is quite swollen. Green spotted on yellow background. Fruit flesh is white, sandy, medium juicy and medium delicious.
  • It is very resistant to Erwinia (fire blight). It can be stored for a long time in cold storage facilities. The average fruit width is 90mm. fruit length 95 mm excluding stem. and approximately 350 gr. weighs.
  • Harvest: It is harvested as of the first days of October.