• Tree: Medium Vigorous, Semi Upright
  • Fruit: Medium-Large, Rounded abdomen line prominent, Flower pit pointed
  • Flesh: Green-yellow, small core attached to flesh
  • Harvest: 4th of September, 1st Week of October
  • Shell Color: Eggplant purple, close to black, hazy on top
  • Pollinators: Friar, Formosa
  • Other Features: It is harvested in the late period and its durability in the warehouse is more than 3 months, increasing its market value.


  • Tree: It grows vigorously, forms a broad crown and is sparsely branched.
  • Fruit: Large, round, flattened from the flower and stem pit
  • Fruit flesh: Dark orange, firm and attached to core flesh
  • My skin (harvest): 2nd week of August
  • Shell Color: Fruit is dark purple-blackish and yellow-spotted
  • Pollinators: Santa Rosa, Friar, Black Gold and Angeleno


  • Tree: Develops moderately vigorously and grows vertically.
  • Fruit: Medium-sized, round, flattened at the ends, the skin is densely hazy.
  • Fruit flesh: Yellowish green (amber), hard, juicy, the seed is quite small and adheres to the flesh.
  • Harvest: Last week of July
  • Shell Color: Dark purple-blackish color
  • Pollinators: Friar, Black Diamont
  • Other Features: Since it is sensitive to bacterial diseases, it is not recommended for extremely humid places.